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Vợt Pickleball JOOLA Ben Johns Perseus 14 mm

5.600.000 ₫
5.152.000 ₫ Tiết kiệm 8%

The Perseus 14 is designed, carefully engineered and tested by planet Earth’s #1 player Ben Johns along with the good folks at JOOLA to perform just as well on your rec court as on center court! Power is deployed through the Perseus’ 7.8 oz. average weight, 16.5 inch overall length, with the thinner 14mm. Reactive Polymer Core bolstering the size of the sweet spot and return of energy to the ball. The Charged Carbon Surface helps reign in that power, provides long lasting spin potential and in combination with the core material, a high degree of paddle comfort as well. A 5.5 in. handle length nicely accommodates one or two hands on the paddle with a 4.25 in. grip size being

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Average Weight: Standard - 7.8 oz.
Core: Reactive Polymer Honeycomb
Hitting Surface: Charged Carbon Friction
Grip Size: 4.125 in.
Grip Length: 5.5 in.
Paddle Length: 16.5 in.
Paddle Width: 7.5 in.
Paddle Thickness: 14 mm.
Factory Grip: JOOLA Feel-Tec Pure Grip
JOOLA Ben Johns Perseus 14 Pickleball Paddle
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